The art-deco masterpiece, the Metro-Minerva Theatre was the very heartbeat of Sydney’s most glamorous suburb, Potts Point/Kings Cross form 1936.


Sydney has a chronic shortage of theatre buildings of all sizes.

The Metro-Minerva Theatre Action Group believes that with some creative thinking and hard work, the Metro-Minerva Theatre can be returned to a 900 – 1,000 seat working heritage theatre building. Existing data and Research demonstrate that the Minerva is needed and wanted by the live performance sector and the public: and that its return as a working theatre is viable. It’s revival would return the heartbeat to Potts Point/Kings Cross. Economic modelling shows that theatres generate vast economic flow on effect to their immediate surrounds.

The best way to preserve a heritage building is to return it to its original purpose, in this case live theatre.



The Metro-Minerva Theatre Action Group say that this can be done, not with a handout, but with a carefully considered partnering between government , owner and operator. a


We now call on all parties of local and state government, together with theatre industry bodies such as producers and companies to explore the possibilities to Make The Metro-Minerva Theatre live again.

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