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DA in front of City Council Thursday 9 Nov 5pm

Dear Supporters,

As some of you are already aware The Central Element hotel DA is in front of the planning panel again. Thank you for your support and good luck messages!

The 9 November 2023 CSPC meeting (tomorrow!) will commence at 5.00pm and will be held will be held in person in the Council Chamber, with the meeting also livestreamed on the City’s website -

The CSPC agenda papers are now available on the City’s website here (select relevant date's agenda).

Anyone wishing to address CSPC on any agenda item must advise Secretariat – 9265 9702 or (email is best) – by 10am, on the day of the meeting.

The action group will be represented by Nick Tobin co-author of the Hawkridge Minerva Strategic review which argues a reinstated theatre is totally viable.

The group has also requested Don Harwin advocate for our cause.

Wish us luck and be great if you can attend in person even as observers.

Best Nick and the team.

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DA in session live now

The CSPC meeting will commence shortly, Those looking to join online can join eve livestream on the City’s website -


Unknown member
Nov 09, 2023

All the very best of luck, and hoping that all the dedicated work that has been done by Nick and the team results in saving the wonderful old lady, the Minerva. And a heartfelt thanks for all that dedication.

Sue Versluis

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