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Letter to Government

Hello MTAG supporters,

We are thrilled with the recent positive news about the Roxy, which prompted another letter from us to Government, text below.


March 7 2023

Dear John Graham MLC/ Penny Sharpe MLC/ Ben Franklin MLC/ Alex Greenwich MP/ Lord Mayor Clover Moore,

We the members of the Metro-Minerva Theatre Action Group are writing this letter as a matter of urgency regarding the Metro Minerva Theatre in Potts Point.

We refer to the March 3 article in the Sydney Morning Herald which reported on the need for a 1,000 seat theatre, ideally the Metro Minerva in Potts Point, and comparing it favourably to Parramatta’s Roxy Theatre, which is now subject to compulsory acquisition.

As the article points out both of these theatres were part of a proposal for compulsory acquisition in 2021.

That plan disappeared with the departure of Minster Don Harwin.

Given the reports commissioned by Create/City of Sydney and views offered recently by theatrical producer John Frost and distinguished architect Andrew Andersons, who both speak favourably of the commercial and physical viability of the Metro Minerva, we ask that the compulsory acquisition be enacted as a matter of urgency.

We also note that the DA submitted by owners Central Element is yet to be decided, with the Heritage Council giving a long list of conditions that need to be reviewed and satisfied.

Restoring the Metro Minerva to its former glory as a 1,000 seat commercial theatre will be a massive positive impact on the local and state economy by bringing jobs across the entertainment sector and local small businesses and fill a demand in Sydney’s theatre stock.

The Metro Minerva needs urgent action and we ask for your support for its compulsory acquisition for both economic and heritage reasons.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon Martignago

President, Metro-Minerva Theatre Action Group

Dulcie’s, 4B Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011


We still firmly believe there is, need, room and desire for both a reinstated Roxy and Minerva and look forward to more news soon.

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