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Metro-Minerva listed on State Heritage Register

Dear Metro-Minerva Supporters,

We are thrilled to share exceptionally good news!

This morning The Hon. Don Harwin MLC announced he has signed off on the Minerva being listed on the State Heritage Register. This means we are a step closer to the Minerva being reinstated as a live venue.

The Feasibility study is understood to also favourable, and is due to be released soon. Update to follow.

It is clear both The City and State want to see the space reinstated as a performance venue, and a number of independent buyers are surfacing, voicing interest in doing just that!

What you can do

Please keep sharing the petition and if you are able please donate.

Lastly, if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, have a look at our small run of prints we have of the Minerva courtesy of our friends from Harper and Charlie, all proceeds from the sales will go to our grassroots campaign.'

What next?

There is no doubt this is an excellent step in the right direction but we are a ways off from 'opening night drinks'. MTAG will continue to lobby for the reinstatement of the theatre with the various interested parties including further discussions with Abacus. We are also exploring other ownership models beyond government intervention should that not come through. When pressed this morning on the government purchasing the building Minister Harwin said it was a matter for cabinet but "Never, say never!"

We will be back in contact when the Feasibility Study is released.

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