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Dear Supporters,

Please join us for a Rally on Dec 5 at Fitzroy Gardens, in the heart of Kings Cross, a stone’s throw from our grand building

Keep the pressure up on this cause. Our goal is within grasp but not a sure thing

12.30pm -1.15pm Sunday 5th December Fitzroy Gardens - Kings Cross

Featuring: Marcia Hines, John Waters, Mark Trevorrow and Catherine Alcorn.

Speakers: Alex Greenwich (Member for Sydney), Andrew Andersons AO (renowned theatre architect) and Olivia Ansell (Artistic Director Sydney Festival).

Brandon Martignago, Chair of the Metro Minerva Theatre Action Group and also the Potts Point Partnership, says

“Having a major theatre return to Kings Cross is a vital key to the area’s economic and social reinvigoration. We already have enough hotels - what we want and need is a theatre. The Metro Minerva theatre is closely linked with the area’s mystique and this outstanding building deserves nothing less.”

If you are able to help with handing out flyers to promote the Rally on the upcoming Saturday mornings we'd love the help. You only need to offer an hour or two. The more the merrier.

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